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Food, drinks, accommodation, parties, meetings… De Beerze is the place to be! We always make sure to pamper our guests and give them a taste of that typical cosy atmosphere Brabant is known for! De Beerze is located in a former town hall – which was the office of the first female mayor in the Netherlands! – and it shows! Authentic elements seamlessly blend with modern applications, giving De Beerze a contemporary look and feel.

Whether you’re keen on a drink at the bar or you want to spend the night at the hotel and enjoy all the amenities, at De Beerze you’re guaranteed a top-notch service! Come and discover everything we have to offer!

Team De Beerze


  • 1973


    Eetcafé De Zwaan is starting at Hoogdijk 32 in Middelbeers. It becomes a well-known establishment in Middelbeers and the surrounding area for decades. De Zwaan is particularly popular among cyclists and hikers. Associations also enjoy the hospitality of De Zwaan.

  • 2020


    The former town hall has been restored and is given a hospitality destination. After extensive renovations, Grand Café and Boutique Hotel De Beerze opened in 2020! Café De Zwaan ceases to exist.

  • 1956


    The first female mayor of the Netherlands, Truus Smulders-Beliën, takes up residence in the town hall. She is beloved in the village, and the residents honor her with the title ‘ons mevrouw’ (our Mrs.).

  • 1945


    During the Second World War, the building provides shelter for people in hiding. In remembrance, a memorial plaque is placed on the town hall after the war. It is still present on the facade.

  • 1879


    At Doornboomstraat 22, a beautiful mansion is constructed. Initially, it serves as a residence, and later the building functions as a shop, housing a butcher and a grocery store. Eventually, it is designated as the town hall.

A sustainable treat

Although our building is more than 140 years old, it is completely future-proof. It even meets the strict energy standards set for new-build homes. And that is quite special for a building with this history. We do not use gas and all spaces are optimally insulated, both in terms of noise and climate control. This way you can enjoy De Beerze in a sustainable way!

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