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De Beerzen

De Beerze is located in Middelbeers. Middelbeers, together with the adjacent towns of Oostelbeers and Westelbeers, forms 'de Beerzen'. This way you immediately know the background of our name!

Middelbeers liegt in der Region Kempen im Südosten von Brabant. Eine Region voller Geschichte und Geheimnissen wie der Räuberbande De Bokkenrijders und dem Zwergenkönig Kyrië. Die Kempener Natur ist geprägt von wunderschönen Wäldern und Naturschutzgebieten. Die Landschotse Heide, ein 239 Hektar großes Naturschutzgebiet, liegt nur wenige Gehminuten von De Beerze entfernt. Aber auch für Kulturliebhaber hat die Gegend einiges zu bieten.

De Beerze is surrounded by many beautiful Wander- and cycling routes. Would you like to visit us by bike? We have charging points for electric bicycles.

What to do

Beekse Bergen

Look for wild animals in the Safari Park or have fun in Speelland de Beekse Bergen.

D’n Flaestoren

Do you dare to go up? Enjoy a unique view over a beautiful nature reserve at over twenty-four meters high...

Doloris’ Meta Maze

Discover the enchanting world of Doloris Meta Maze, located in the heart of Tilburg. This extraordinary work of art offers a unique and immersive experience for adventurers and art lovers of all ages.


Visit the World Full of Wonders and immerse yourself in the magical world of Efteling!

Cycling through the Kempen

Explore the area by bike! There are numerous cycling routes around Middelbeers for sporty and recreational cycling enthusiasts.

Golf course Best Golf

A wonderful day out in nature, whether you are an experienced golfer or just fancy a new hobby.

Historic Oirschot

In Oirschot you will find no fewer than 320 national and municipal monuments. The Oirschotse Markt alone is worth a visit.
Kabouterpad Eersel, wandelen in de kempen, Terspegelt

Gnome path

If you walk the gnome trail, you can look for real gnome tracks! And who knows, with a bit of luck you might meet a real gnome...

Heeswijk Castle

Discover the timeless splendor of Heeswijk Castle, a 900-year-old icon in the heart of Brabant.
Omgeving tips, Middelbeers, LandArt Brabant

LandArt Brabant

Walking past works of art made from materials from the environment, or from materials that give the landscape a completely different experience and a different dimension. This is possible at LandArt Brabant.

Baest estate

Walking on the most beautiful estate in Brabant! This area has many monumental trees.

Landschotse Heide

This area is characterized by a number of large fens that are rich in water birds and wading birds.

Walk the pilgrim path

Middelbeers is part of the pilgrimage path. Walk part of this beautiful route.

Museum Acht Zaligheden

Meet the Kempen farmer, smuggler or cigar maker and get an impression of Kempen history.

Museum De Pont Tilburg

From our cozy hotel you can easily discover the cultural treasures of the region, including Museum de Pont in Tilburg.

Oisterwijk forests and fens

The Oisterwijkse Bossen en Fennen are centrally located in North Brabant, a short distance from Tilburg in the green heart of Brabant. A fantastic area to walk through with fairytale fens, fine catering establishments and beautiful vistas with benches where you can dream away for a while.

De Konijnenberg Play Forest

The Konijnenberg is a play forest where children can climb, build huts and explore to their heart's content! 

Cities in the area

Would you like to experience some culture? Visit the beautiful cities in the area, such as Tilburg, 's Hertogenbosch or Eindhoven

Walking in the Kempen

Discover the beautiful nature of the Kempen while walking! You can enjoy walking around Middelbeers.
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