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De Beerzen

De Beerze is situated in Middelbeers, which, together with nearby Oostelbeers and Westelbeers, is known as ‘De Beerzen’. So now you know where our name comes from!

Middelbeers is part of the Kempen region in South East Brabant, an area with a rich history and many secrets, like the gang of robbers known as De Bokkenrijders and the Gnome King Kyrië. The Kempen region is known for its beautiful woods and natural reserves. De Landschotse Heide, a 239-hectare natural reserve, is located within walking distance of De Beerze. But there’s also plenty to discover for culture lovers.

De Beerze is surrounded by many beautiful cycling routes. Want to visit us by bike? We have charging points for electric bicycles.

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