An eye for the environment and the future
Sustainability at De Beerze

Sustainable enjoyment at De Beerze

Boutique Hotel De Beerze is located in an environment full of greenery. An environment that we like to maintain and cherish. That is why De Beerze has invested in integrating sustainable solutions into daily life. With an eye for sustainability, De Beerze has managed to: Green Key Gold label to be allowed to wear, but where do you see that reflected in?


Boutique Hotel De Beerze has a historic appearance, but behind that authentic jacket lie the elements that allow us to meet the A++++ standards. In other words; contemporary knowledge in a charming guise.

For example, the solar panels were not placed on the roof of the Boutique Hotel, but on the roof of a nearby building. In this way, we make optimal use of the space we have to strive for the most energy-neutral consumption possible.


Gas is a fossil fuel. That's why we've made sure everything runs on electricity. We use this energy as efficiently as possible. We can heat and cool all rooms separately. This way nothing is lost! We even have a co2-driven heat pump to extract heat in the air.


Sustainability is central to us and that means that this element must also be reflected in all details. We choose our suppliers carefully, because this way we can properly safeguard our core values. For example, we use Marie-Stella-Maris care products. A unique brand that has combined sustainability and natural ingredients into a unique product. These products provide an optimal experience for both the Boutique Hotel and the Grand Café. When will you come and immerse yourself in this sustainable luxury?

We also support the Marie-Stella-Maris foundation, which is committed to clean drinking water in developing countries.

Read our CSR statement here.Green Key